Sparkling Wine

The flavours and aromas in our sparkling wines are created from a blend of ripe Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier Grapes. We planted Burgundian clones as they produce a fuller flavour.
We don’t produce homogeneous wines year in year out as we are determined to fully express the character of each season and so in some years the wine may be an iridescent bright white and in others it may have a delightful pink tinge depending on what the grapes decided to do that particular year. Some years are fuller and rounder, others elegant and focussed

  • 2011

    2011. The blend is approximately 60% Pinot Noir with the balance evenly split between Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier with a proportion of 2010 reserve wine blended in to add complexity.

    This was a year when the grapes were very small and very concentrated. This gave a rounder wine with ripe wild strawberry aromas balanced by the fresh minerality typical of Higher Plot. Great to drink right now but if you can wait it will keep for a few more years.

    It won a Silver medal in the International Wine Challenge.

  • 2012

    A small harvest due to a challenging summer, many people got nothing at all. A combination of luck and having well chosen land meant that picked ripe grapes in sunshine in the second week of October. It’s just a shame that there weren’t more of them.

    It is early days but what we produced seems to have turned out well. The wine is nicely balanced and just taking on some nice brioche aromas. Proportionaly there was less Pinot Noir than Chardonnay and Meunier but this doesn’t seem to show in the blend as the Noir grapes were small and concentrated.

  • 2013

    A good crop which was successful for all three varietals. We have just blended with a decent proportion of reserve wine. Even before it has started second fermentation, the wine has interesting rich fruit aromas and a good balance and structure.

    We have high hopes.

  • Reserve

    Each year we keep back a small proportion of our wine that we think is particularly characterful and high quality which could add something blended in with future years. In 2013 we decided to bottle some of this wine as a record of our first three harvests at Higher Plot.

    When we release it, it is intended as something for High Days and Holidays. Both our own and other peoples.